Alison + Peter Smithson

Works and Projects

Marco Vidotto

Series Works and Projects

14 x 20 cm
232 pages
English, Spanish
ISBN: 9788425216848


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From the start of the 1950s onwards the then young architects Alison (1928-1993) and Peter Smithson (1923-2003) played a crucial avantgarde role in British architecture due to the high experimental and ethical content of their designs and to their relation-ship with Team 10. With the building of Hunstanton Secondary Modern School (1950-1954) and their competition projects for Coventry Cathedral (1950-1951), the Golden Lane housing estate (1952) and the University of Sheffield (1953) they laid the foundations for a reflection on the more important issues in modern architectural culture.

Their search for a language appropriate to the contemporary situation, their proposals for a new urban morphology, their ideas about the development of lifestyle in relation to interior space, and the connections architecture establishes with the environmental context are some of the themes explored during the course of their work.

Marco Vidotto (Milan, 1949) graduated as an architect in Rome. He has his own architecture practice in Sienna and is a professor at the International Laboratory of Architecture and Urbanism (ILAUD). His books include A+P Smithson (Sagep, Genoa, 1991) and St. Hilda's College, Oxford: la arquitectura del entramado. Alison & Peter Smithson (COAM, Madrid, 2001).

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