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    José Hevia

    11 x 11 cm, 64 pages
    Numbered edition of 500 copies

    9 Customer ratings

    Welcome is a work of photography based on the series. It shows a 1970s block of flats with four doors off each landing where the residents have personalised their front doors, repetitive elements, and have taken possession of this intermediate zone between the public environment of communal... Read more

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    Time builds!

    EquipoArquitectura (EqA)

    19 x 27 cm, 160 pages


    2 Customer ratings

    Formulated in 1967, the PREVI Experimental Housing Project in Lima is one of the most ambitious experiments in social housing ever built, not only for the number of variables proposed but also because it brought together, for the first time, such outstanding figures on the architectural sce... Read more

  • 9788425217340_04_m

    The Last House

    Mónica Gili Galfetti (ed.)

    17 x 24 cm, 160 pages

    1 Customer ratings

    From Antiquity onwards the tomb as a funerary monument depicts the house of the dead, taken to be our last resting place. The tomb also reflects mankind's beliefs and attitudes when faced with death. Despite living in a period that copes with death by trying to hide it, the architecture... Read more

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