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Lina Bo Bardi. Built work


More than ten years ago we published this 2G monograph covering Lina Bo Bardi's built work. At last it is published in Portuguese, its original language. Find out more...

New issue! 2G N.68 Christ & Gantenbein


Emanuel Christ and Christoph Gantenbein belong to a generation of architects who started their studio at the end of the 1990s and began to build during the turn-of-the-century boom. In their work, the powerful Swiss tradition (both with regard to the use of typologies as well as materials) is enriched thanks to new geographic, economic and technical possibilities. Their work encompasses small domestic interventions (such as the enlargement of a mansion in Harlesheim or a garden pavilion in Basel), passing through various residential and office buildings, until reaching two important interventions in national museums: the Landesmuseum of Zúrich and the Kuntsmuseum of Basel. Find out more...

Paisea, the landscape architecture review

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Paisea has been published every three months for the past 4 years, and its rigour, depth and timeliness have already established it as one of the most important international journals on landscape architecture. Since 2009 it has been joined by PaiseaDOS, twice-yearly extended issues dedicated to specific countries. Don't miss out!

2G rediscovers you the masters of modern and contemporary architecture

Paulo Mendes da Rocha, complete works, living works

Paulo Mendes da Rocha (Vitória do Espírito Santo, 1928) received the Pritzker Prize in 2006. Known internationally as a result of the constructi... See post